Where Grace meets Flaws

We started this blog in our sophomore year of college because we needed an outlet to share the beautiful things that God had done (and still is doing) in our lives. We began this endeavor by first trying to find a suitable name for our blog that would bear in mind the image we wanted to portray. An image that was of grace and redemption. Quickly, we have learned that we are only here in the places we are because of God’s unfailing grace towards us. The beautiful thing is that even though we don’t deserve it, He gives it freely. Names came to mind but none could express the awesomeness of God’s grace towards us. Then it hit us, “Grace and Glory.” It has nothing to do with us but everything to do with Him.

One of the most uplifting and inspiring verses in the new testament, especially for college students who are often weighed down by exams and assignments, is 2 Corinthians 12:9. It has become our motto.

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

We soon learned that our salvation is not because of our own strength. Instead, it has so much to do with how God’s strength is revealed through our weaknesses. He gives us the strength to go on even when the cares of life try to weigh us down. And then and only then, can we stand strong in God’s glory. The weaknesses are evident but His grace is even more evident. Through His grace, He clothes us in His glory and makes us triumphant.

Here you will find that we write about our thoughts, our lives, and the insights God has shown to us. We write about our journey as we walk with God. Our articles will come from different places because we walk on different journeys, but their purpose will remain the same: to glorify God.

We hope to show you how good God has been in our lives and we hope to show you how God has taken both our weaknesses and our broken places and have mended them for His glory. We hope to show you where His grace meets our flaws.