The Time I Lost my Phone and Found Something Greater

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself in a situation only God could have saved me from. It wasn't the most dramatic situation in the world, but it reminded me of how God is not just invested in the "big pictures" of our lives, but in the little details of our lives as well.… Continue reading The Time I Lost my Phone and Found Something Greater

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Flip the Script

Have you ever been in a situation where someone wronged you and for the rest of that day (or week), all you could do was replay the situation in your head over and over again? And if you're anything like me, you'd even find yourself listing all the things you could have said in that… Continue reading Flip the Script


God Used My Tooth to Teach Me a Lesson

Yesterday, I had the great honor of experiencing my first root canal procedure. For weeks, I researched the procedure online so I could better prepare myself for my special day. This is all sarcasm, of course. I was not looking forward to the moment at all. I had actually heard many horror stories about root… Continue reading God Used My Tooth to Teach Me a Lesson


When Anger Serves a Valuable Purpose

This past February, I was formally introduced to the biblical story of Jonah for the first time. Before that, all I had known about Jonah was that he disobeyed God's command and ended up in the belly of a large fish for three days. Prior to that sermon in February, I didn't know what God… Continue reading When Anger Serves a Valuable Purpose


Mother to the Motherless

It's the night before Mother's Day and she gets the random urge to pull out her laptop and write. It's a few minutes before 9 pm. The lamp in her room shines dimly. She sits and types on her bed, wearing a sweater in May because the weather outside is still cold. But not as… Continue reading Mother to the Motherless


A Glorious Suicide

The passage of Matthew 27 begins and ends with suicide.  Shortly after Judas had betrayed Jesus for a reward of thirty silver coins, he began to realize the gravity of the situation. Judas felt so remorseful that he couldn't bear the idea of living another day. After returning the thirty pieces of silver to the chief… Continue reading A Glorious Suicide


Trading Death for Life

After watching a very interesting sermon based on a few verses from 2 Kings 13 last night, I decided to read the full passage and explore what was written in the rest of the chapter. The passage talks about Elisha, a dying prophet, and King Joash, who went to see Elisha as he was dying because… Continue reading Trading Death for Life